♥ The Truth of Life

Do we have a purpose,
is a question one will often ask
Is there a higher power out there,
some greater task
The truth will hurt many,
not only a few
People have a hard time dealing with
that which is true
There is nothing greater that watches your back
Deal with it, stop crying and build your own stack
You are responsible for the life that you lead

It is not someone else’s fault when you don’t get what you need
If one wants the stars,
they must be grabbed by one’s own hand
Nothing in life is freely given ...
there is no promised land

So the question remains,
why are we here
For those without faith,
the answer is painfully clear
We live only for today and
if we are lucky the morrow
To us there is no afterlife,
but that brings us no sorrow
Self improvement is our main goal
and it starts in the here and now

We refuse to be filled with illusions of grandeur
and get fat off them like a cow
The best of us seek improvement in every area we can
Without the proper balance of self
there can be no complete man

Wisdom is for the wise
and that is one of the things we strive to be
Vision in what was once blind,
reality is what we wish to see
The past can lend us wisdom
if we choose to open our eyes
Sadly for the masses

it is easier to stomach soothing lies
Self-improvement starts with vision
and vision is the key to all
Vision gives us the gift of truth,
but few can handle it and many fall
For us lucky few who can handle truth
the road is bright ahead

We strive for perfection,
but get betterment instead
Strength is another goal that we fight hard to seek
We know that in the end
nothing will be given the weak
To be great in life one must be strong
The meek shall inherit nothing,
their reign never long
Sadly power can taint
and if that happens, destroy
Power is not for the weak of mind,
but it can be a joy
Might may try it’s hardest
but it can never honestly make right
Though it is important to note that
history is written by the victor of a fight
Though it can be bad,
strength is a tremendously important tool

On the path of self-improvement
you will meet many a fool
Too many people cannot handle truth
and they will try and eliminate the source
So if you are strong enough,
they can never make you change course

Self-improvement may be the main but
there is another that is key
Procreation is the natural drive of life,
for you and for me
In truth,
there is only one way after death to live on
And that is through procreation,
the creation of your spawn
Children are your life force

and they make you feel wonderfully alive
They give focus to your chaos
and motivation for your drive
Without children a person is never whole
They lack an essential ingredient,
that one special role
Nothing can fill the void except when a child is put in the space
Their life lends you power,
there is magic in their face

I have answered the question,
though some may not like what I have said
I smile and wave them goodbye,
for I know the truth in their stead
I cannot force vision on the masses,
but I will forever strive to try
My gift of vision is for those who want to see
through life’s lie
I once was blind but now I see

However, it wasn’t god that did this for me
I walked the path of self-improvement
with my own two feet
Due to this fact I can never be beat
I can deal with just about any problem
that can come my way
When times get tough I don’t get on my knees
and pray

I deal with whatever comes
at me while standing proud
I refuse to settle for mediocrity
I will always stand out in a crowd

Life is hard,
that is a fact that people have to understand
And of course there are times
when you need a helping hand
No man is an island, and I totally agree
My problem lies with people who only want to lean on me
When you never hold your self up,
you deny yourself improvement

If you let your muscles atrophy, then you can never have positive movement
A life without a child and with no betterment
is a life wasted
That is a life that was smelt
and looked at but never tasted
I have given you enough wisdom
to ponder for the day
Question everything or forever frozen you’ll stay

Gratisan Musik

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today, when I woke up I grab ma laptop that lay on ma bed stabily..then I browsing as usual as I always do.Switch on the wireless then here I go..check out n update ma blog while ma sis still sleeping tightly..heard that Sir Mus had a flu and sinusitis so without wasting ma time I grab ma lil hp n msgING Sir Mus to noe his condition n ask him abt the class. then Sir Mus reply:

Receive:Tue 08.49
21st April 2009

I'm on medical leave 2day.Still feelin terrible

well, hope u'll get well soon Sir.Thank you Sir..:)


sunnysideup on April 21, 2009 at 12:25 PM said...

yup....I called Mr atif at 9.00am and his voice sounded like he had stones rolling in his throat. He is also away on sick leave !

sunnysideup on April 21, 2009 at 12:32 PM said...

sent a comment earlier but didn't seem to appear. Anyway, again.

I called mr atif at 9.00 this morning and he sounded like he had stones in his throat so he is on medical leave as well !

sunnysideup on April 21, 2009 at 12:34 PM said...

I commented twice in this posting and it didn't appear. I give up !

dyon on April 21, 2009 at 1:16 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dyon on April 21, 2009 at 1:18 PM said...

Sir...I received ur comment duoly...it didnt appear cuz am not approve yet..please dun give up ma Cool Sir..pity on u have to wrote twice cuz it didnt appear.Sorry for any inconvenience in ma blog Mr.M...
Owh,abt mr.Atif ya,he's really look tired yesterday n his eyes told that he need to take on leave..

Anonymous said...

I just remember Mus called me, i dont remember why or what we spoke about haha
i m not sick, but i was dead tired, since i didnt take leave on monday as well and by tuesday i had only slept 2 hours

Shikin on April 25, 2009 at 7:11 PM said...

seronok dpt cuti free kn?tapi yg peliknya nape xbw sis teman 2 p HKL?mau ke sista n sisto duk bmlm kt wad?akak leh uruskn booking katil kt sana...bg penampar tahap gaban kt hang pa berdua pasti dpt duk wad 2ari 2mlm check in free je xpayah bayar...MAU KA?

dyon on April 29, 2009 at 12:05 PM said...

mao mao kak long...
lama dh x dok kt wad sejak pas darjah 2 dulu..besh gak nih dok wad, nurse bek2 ja..dpt mam.ad org tlg tgk2kn..ala kaklong amao la mrh2..t x awet muda dh.hahahhahaha..kaklong nih kalo marah comei betoi..kaklong,kaklong...penampar tahap gaban tu ap?ni mst kaklong sama nek ngan ank kaklong suka tgk suria perkasa itam(gaban la tuh)...hahahahhah..kuikuikuikuikuik..

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